A Career in Real Estate opens the door to Freedom

At Sutton Team Realty

We empower your Career to Soar.

  • Age Restrictions Not for Kiddies, 18+
  • VACATION TIME As long as you want
  • INCOME $0 - Unlimited $$$
  • WORKING HOURS Anytime you Want
  • JOB REQUIREMENTS Positive Attitude

Feeling underappreciated at your current Job? Perhaps you feel that the work and time you spend there doesn’t quite equal what your paycheck is?
If you are a hard worker, Real Estate might be the Career for you.
A Career in Real Estate gets you started in essentially your own business BUT at a very low relative cost compared to starting up your own brick and mortar shop.
When you work as a Realtor with Sutton Team Realty you are working as an Independent Contractor. You set your own work schedule, develop your own client base, decide on your own personal branded marketing & methods and grow your client based Real Estate Sales business.
If you want to take control of your future then you are at the right place.
There are no limits for growth of your real estate business. Pair a good attitude with a superior work ethic and you can realize fantastic rewards… in simple terms UNLIMITED INCOME is around the corner. All you need is to incorporate good business skills, develop effective marketing and work for it.

A Successful & Rewarding Career in Real Estate is in your hands. Sutton Team Realty will help you take it to where its destined to go!

Qualities required to work @Suttonteamrealty

Honesty and Integrity
You are motivated
Communication skills
Can work Hard
Loves to Learn

You will Succeed here @suttonteam

95/5 Commission Split

Brokerage Facts

95/5 Commission Split

Brokerage Facts

Commission Split
Full Service Office
2 Locations
Social Media
On Staff

Best Commission Split in the Business. You will hear of many brokerage say that no one can only charge that fee, yet we do. We are open and transparent and enable our agents to keep more from their deals which enables them to reinvest in their business and earn even

Time MONEY Math

Brokerage Facts

Time MONEY Math

Brokerage Facts

Desk Duty
Only if you want to Succeed
Phone Duty
Only if you want to Succeed
Door Knocking
Only if you want to Succeed

The time you spend working in the business is money you will pull out of it at some point in time. Real Estate is not a 9-5 Job. You will be working at all hours prospecting, lead generating and building relationships with clients. At first it will seem like a

Office Selection

Brokerage Facts

Office Selection

Brokerage Facts

Private Offices
Available to Rent
High Speed Internet
FREE to Realtors
Copies and Scanning
FREE to Realtors

With 2 offices located right by the 403 Interchange you have 2 perfect meeting spaces to easily meet with clients from in town or out of town. Both of our Offices have private spaces to rent to Realtors. Modem offices equipped with modern design and furniture and equipment. High Speed

Office Support

Brokerage Facts

Office Support

Brokerage Facts

Graphics Design
In House
Social Media
In House
Admin Staff
In House

If any Brokerage tells you that we have no office support, ask them how can we pump out over 1.8 billion in sales volume and have fostered the best real estate agents and teams in Brantford. We are a full time admin on staff, Social media person on staff, accountant

Where Stars are Born

Brokerage Facts

Where Stars are Born

Brokerage Facts

Your Sign calls
Go to YOU
Your internet leads
Go to YOU
Your Walkins
Go to YOU

Our LOW FEES and our “Agent Centric” operational structure allows agents to grow beyond any other office locally. Our record of Success speaks for itself. We helped The Kate Broddick Team excel to their current position. Same with The Crew Real Estate who like the Kate Broddick Team got their

Rocky Mountains

Brokerage Facts

Rocky Mountains

Brokerage Facts

Work Hard
and get rewarded
Invest in Yourself
and get rewarded
Be smart
and get rewarded

Real Estate Sales is NOT and easy Career. It can be very rewarding. There are many highs and many lows. At the onset of a Career in Real Estate it is expensive as well. In the beginning of your real estate career you have education costs, licensing costs, advertising costs

Our Advantages


Located right by the 403 HWY

Location location location is just not for home buyers, Its for Real Estate offices too. When you are meeting a client, they need the easiest route to the office with maximum viability as well. We have that and then some.

Take Home More $

Same work, More money

At Sutton Team Realty you earn more from your sales than any other local real estate office. The lowest 95/5 In the business locally. Why pay more?Compare us to them, Are you retaining enough income from your deals to support your family's future? Don't let a recruiting sales pitch cloud your common sense.


Sales without selling.

Are you hungry for success? We don't consider selling real estate as selling. We are about building relationships. The real estate market has changed over the years and we have simple but effective sales training to bring out the full potential that is in you without all of the silly gimmicks.

This is Us

Client Relationships

Referrals come from Relationships

Sutton Team Realty Realtors are driven as much by a desire to serve as a desire to succeed. We are co-pilots, navigating clients through their home sale, but always following their lead. We are educators, matchmakers and tour guides. We work hard to get our clients to the closing table – without cutthroat tactics or compromises of integrity.

We have families too


We are genuine, down-to-earth people who share a passion for Brantford and Brant County real estate. We’re professional, but not stuffy. Knowledgeable, but not know-it-all. Tech-smart, but totally personable. We support our fellow team members, encourage professional growth, and treat everyone we encounter with honesty and integrity. We enjoy a hip, comfortable work environment, where you’ll have the tools you need to be successful.

True Partnerships


We believe in genuine partnership with our clients; which is an art, not a science. It's not "me" or "you," rather it's "us" collectively finding success in your real estate goals.

Specialization and Expertise


Sutton Team Realty agents reek of dedication and professionalism — we're known for being deeply knowledgeable about our neighbourhoods & properties. Why do other agents try to be everything to everybody? We genuinely believe in specializing in something — especially something you're passionate about!

Locally Grown


Sutton Team Realty was proudly born out of local hands, and we support the local community and are 100% Canadian National Brand. The devil is in the details! We want our brand to truly stand for something: quality, integrity, passion, ethics, enthusiasm and results. And we will never stop marching to that beat.

Our Leaders are Practitioners

We work with you, not against you

The Sutton Team Realty leadership team is involved in every aspect of the business. Don't be surprised if you call and the owner answers the phone or personally shows your property listing! Without a pulse on the evolving market business will fall apart. With that our founding promise was to evolve — and innovate — within the constantly changing and competitive real estate environment by adopting new technologies, working together to close more sales.

Top Teams

Proven Results

There is a reason why the most we have fostered the HOTTEST TEAMS and Realtors in Brantford Real Estate.
A progressive, winning and can-do fighting spirit is what leads in everything.
Our agents have grown to become top producers and team leaders. Some have even gone on to start their own brokerages. If you’re committed to building your business to the highest ethical standard, Sutton Team Realty may be the place for you.

Our Partners, Associations & Affiliates


  • “Starting out in a new profession, it was reassuring to know that new sales representatives who joined the Sutton team were not simply thrown into the deep end. My personal mission in real estate is to build lasting relationships and meet or exceed my personal goals. I felt that, of all other brokerage choices, Sutton Team Realty provided the best tools to assist me in carrying out that mission. The mentoring systems, and education programs, dedicated support, and a recognized brand name left a lasting impression and ultimately led to my decision to join the brokerage. The deal splits are by far the best in the area and its great to keep a very large portion of what I work for in my pocket! Knowing my business structure would be heavily weighted with internet presence, the Sutton Team network of websites seemed far superior to what the competition was providing and I felt that the company was gaining a considerable advantage in the marketplace.

    Kate Broddick The Kate Broddick Team Brokerage
  • Great place to work and Succeed! My Real Estate career started here and i was trained here and learned a great deal. Now I am part of a Team with and am really having a great success in Real Estate. Martin and the rest of the team rock!

    Andrew Evans Andrew & Kate Real Estate

Our Recent Sales Statistics 2021


Happy Clients

This is how many satisfied clients we have had the pleasure of working with so far.



Average price of all Real Estate Sold by us.



This is how much our team of rockstars sold so far this year



Our Total Sales Volume since inception

Real Estate Sales isn't easy

Success can been seen in a Real Estate Salesperson’s peer group and their work habits. Success is built from within yourself nothing else!

You can not wish to be a success at sales without doing hard work on your own, you have to physically move.
Leads are not handed out like chips, they are rare and are only to help you grow and develop your own systems.
They are provided to help you thrive and survive in this super competitive business

They say Sales is a grind and it is.
Sales is a daily grind with emotional ups and downs.
It takes a special type of person to do well within a career of real estate sales

Since our beginning We empowered our Realtors to operate with the latest tools for not just efficiency but marketing as well. We disrupted the local market with our ways and we fostered the growth of Brantford’s top Realtors and Teams. We can show you how to break free to truly be Independent as an Independent Contractor on your terms.

Top Questions

  • Do all your agents operate as one team?

    The are several teams within the office working together. The word TEAM in our name represents the culture we have in that together as salespeople were strive for certain professional sales goals and also that we view the client as part of our team with the client relationship aspect.
  • Are there any extra fees like Board Dues or a franchise fee?

    There are no hidden fees. The small monthly fee that we charge is all you pay to the office on a regular basis. After you make a sale there is a deal fee which is dependent on the plan you subscribed to with us. You are responsible for covering your monthly real estate board dues and annual dues payable to RECO, CREA and OREA.
  • Are attending company meetings required?

    Well yes and No. We dislike boring meetings just as much the next person. Our meetings when they do occur are not boring and they are a great way to fellowship with other Realtors from the office, share ideas and experiences in the field. We discuss market trends, share tips and can help you increase your business but more importantly it is educating you which your clients want in a Realtor.
  • Will I have broker support?

    Yes. You will have complete access to the Broker of Record and full office administrative support. We play an active role in our agents’ success and encourage our agents to contact us with questions, big or small any time. The Broker of Record is active in the market daily “in the trenches” so to speak with you and is fully aware of everything going on locally.
  • Where do I meet my clients?

    We have the BEST Location in the city right by a major highway and the busiest street in Brantford. We have a ultra modern offices with boardroom / meeting space with networked computers. Coffee and water is available for your clients as well as clean facilities.
  • Can I work part time?

    You can work full time or part time. It’s your business, you work the hours you see fit for your lifestyle. Remember, the more you put into the business the more you will take out.
  • Do you offer a mentorship program for new agents?

    Yes! We offer a specialized mentorship program for new agents where we teach you the ropes to being a successful real estate agent. We cover the basics, to include writing contracts, all the way up to more advanced sales training on how to convert your leads into closings.
  • How am I paid for commissions earned?

    Once we receive the monies from the sale, you can be paid the same day either by cheque or EFT
  • Do you provide sales leads?

    Yes and NO, we do provide leads if you took our optional sales training master class you will be exposed to and have access to incredible systems for managing and converting those leads but that comes at a tremendous cost. To truly be a success in Real Estate you have to have YOUR OWN systems and methods. What works for one wont work for another. We are not clones/drones we are all unique individuals. We can guide you to the tools needed to generate your own leads. We live by the idea that if you give a man a fish you feed them for a day but if you teach a man to fish you feed them for a lifetime. If you cant learn on your own after what we teach you…. lets not fool each other, we will have to part ways.
  • I am with another Brokerage… help

    Moving your license over to Sutton Team Realty is really easy. All you have to do is provide a copy of your existing license and we will provide you with the paperwork necessary to transfer over with RECO and BRREA. Its takes all but a few minutes to get through the simple process and setup on our systems.
  • My Realtor friend says your fees are too low which not right

    If you want to pay more… feel free to do so. We think our fees are reasonable and realistic. We have been operating this way for years! Our history and sales volume speaks for itself.
  • How long has the Broker been a Broker of Record?

    Martin Sarkissian has been a Broker of Record since 2006 and has personally managed over 5000 transactions as a Broker of Record…. and counting.

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